About Me

Welcome to My Cinematic World

Hi, I’m Tatum Garvey

This Is My Story

I am a Arizona based filmmaker and photographer with a proven track record of creating bright and vivid images that evoke joy. I began filming content as a young and curious eighth-grader creating a documentary about Saint Mary’s Food Bank, America’s first food bank which is now responsible for the nationwide program Feeding America. I then went on to put it into the National History Day Competition winning statewide. This began my journey in creating images that answer my own questions about the world. My process always starts with trying to answer a inquiry whether political or comical like, “what happens if you skate on dangerous hills of San Francisco?”


With influences as diverse as Errol Morris and John Baldessari, new combinations are created from fast-paced and overdramatized storytelling. My creativity and curiosity pushes myself to learn new forms of filmmaking whether that is animation, underwater photography, and audio design, however, my passion is for cinematography. With award-winning short films and documentaries, I provide an experienced eye for cinema that is refreshing and captivating using bright visuals and saturated colors to convey a story of community and hope. 

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